Thursday, December 12, 2013

popular Industrial Paper Shredders

The advancement of online marketplace is an emerging trend that has influenced corporate procurement and purchases. Now, companies can select and purchase regular commodities such as staples, pens, trimmers, paper shredders, and printers, etc. online without investing much time. Online purchases are not just convenient but these purchases empower users with an option to optimize and leverage better decision making through one click reviews and purchase options. Clary Co. - a subsidiary of Clary Business Machines, and is one of the fastest growing online reseller of the popular office products including paper shredders, interactive whiteboards, and ID card Printers. The online market is known for providing affordable and reliable businesses solutions for companies to enhance and augment productivity and performance. However, Clary Co. specializes in the sales of high quality paper shredders, marketed to offer secure and efficient disposal of sensitive information, corporate documents, strategic notes, and financial statements, etc. in corporate organizations.

Clary Co. markets a complete range of strip cut and cross shredder including dedicated machines for specific use such as Office Shredders, personal shredders, industrial shredders, heavy duty shredders, high security shredders, and optical media shredders, etc. Lets review a couple of Industrial Paper Shredders today to see how these popular heavy duty shredder machines differ from each other and how one should select the right heavy duty shredder to save the cost in the long run. Please note that this shredder review is for the information purposes only.

The KOBRA 400 HS-6 Combi Cross Cut Office Shredder is a multipurpose shredder for combined shredding of office documents (paper sheets) and optical media disks (CDs, DVDs, Magnetic Tapes, and Floppy Disks, Blue Ray Discs). In addition, it can shred credit cards, staples, and paper files, etc. The Heavy Duty KOBRA Shredder is optimized for industrial use and features:

Auto Oiler for automatic and hassle free lubrication of the shredder blades and other parts of the machine. The regular lubrication or oiling keeps machine unaffected of rigorous use and drives performance and faster output.

Improved power utilization and maximization of resources with efficient and green ENERGY smart management system built-in.

Powerful steel cutters for stress less paper and optical media shredding.

53 Gallons Bin

Super potential Power unit for smarter shredding and approved for level 6 high security shredding.

Sound Level of 60 dba


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