Thursday, December 12, 2013

DESTROYIT 5009CC High Capacity Cross Cut Industrial Shredder

The DESTROYIT 5009CC  is a high end and secure cross cut shredder with moderate level 2 security. It is a cost effective and reliable industrial shredder machine with a comprehensive list of powerful features to influence seamless, faster, and effortless shredding. It features:

  • Incorporates a feed table with conveyor belt to stack high volumes of the paper sheets on the feed table for autonomous shredding without frequent engagement.

  • Multifunctional control panel for efficient controlling and monitoring of paper shredder operations.

  • 79 Gallons shred bin

  • Automatic Start, Stop, and Jam Reverse.

  • 24 horsepower dual 3 phase powerful motors

    1. Now this is a shredder that would destroy anything it touches. For sensitive documents, you want to use a good shredder to avoid the chances of that information falling into the wrong hands. I wouldn't want to throw something out and then have someone take my credit card number. If you can't get a shredder like this one, there are always services that you can use.

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